Booking Tracker™

Booking Calendar Feature Summary

Highly Configurable Layout

The layout is highly configurable. You can just go with the Default Layout, but you are not limited to that! You are not even limited to fixed 6 or 12 month layouts either. You decide the number of months and layout that suit you.

The classic and highly configurable 'Month Tiled' layout allows you to specify the week start day and number of display columns to fit any page layout.

The compact 'Month Tabular' layout means that even a 20 month Booking Calendar looks good and can be viewed in full without requiring needless scrolling...

Booking Management

We provide you with the tools to manage and follow-up enquiries, convert enquiries to bookings, manage/view past, present and future bookings, and importantly keep your own backups of enquiry contacts and bookings.

The Booking Calendar has a special 'Booking Mode' that shows Bookings rather than Availability, and from here you can access the details of all your bookings. Register NOW with absolutely no obligation, and we'll give you a FREE 14 day trial including FREE SMS messages for enquiry and booking notification.

We've Got Style!

Our predefined style templates get you up and running fast, but you are not limited to that! The 'Style Editor' allows the designers amongst you to get creative and do your own thing. Listed below are some example styles.

Booking/Enquiry Notification

The Booking Calendar has its own built-in 'Booking Enquiry Form' through which potential clients can make enquiries and bookings. All enquiries are managed by Booking Tracker™ and notification of enquiries can be forwarded to you via the following methods;

  • E-mail to your Personal Computer
  • SMS messages to your cell phone

Responding fast to enquiries can make the difference between taking a booking and loosing it. So the SMS notification method is great if you're not a slave to your PC! Alternatively, just use it when you are travelling yourself.