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Booking Calendar

Booking Tracker™ is more than just an availability calendar. It's an online, web based, highly configurable, Booking Calendar and Booking Management application. Commonly used by holiday/vacation property owners and management agencies, but by no means limited to them, our calendars are easily integrated into any website within minutes, using the predefined templates and wizards. If you have your own website, and/or advertise on third-party websites, you can manage Availability, Bookings, Reservations centrally with Booking Tracker™.

No programming required - No software to install


Booking Calendar
  • Dual Display Views,
    • Availability Calendar View (Client View)
    • Booking Calendar View (Management View)
  • Highly Configurable Layout & Customisable Style to blend with your own website's 'Look & Feel' . . .
  • Easy navigation of calendar display dates
  • Option to show pending bookings
  • Arrival and Departure date entry in just 2 clicks
  • Comprehensive Booking Calendar View Statistics
  • Multi-language support with 16 languages currently supported on calendar and forms . . .
  • Unlimited number of Booking Calendars per account
  • Flexible linking to your Booking Calendar;
    • Embedded View - Place calendars inline within your webpages . . .
    • Popup View - Ideal for displaying your calendar from third-party websites . . .
    • Add buttons and hyperlinks to any website to access your Booking Calendar . . .
Booking Management

  • Best of all, Booking Tracker™ is FREE to trial

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Additional Calendars
per calendar per year
£2.00 €2.18 $2.56
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